Hungry for Change

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How long since your last snack? When is your next meal?

For many of us, we know the answer to any of these questions is within a few hours, and we can easily find something to eat.

For nearly one billion others, hunger is more than missing a meal. It’s a debilitating crisis.

Join us as we go “Hungry for Change”!

We’ll be skipping or dramatically limiting our meals so we can know how pangs of hunger affect people who are suffering.

Take action and choose how you’d like to fundraise:

Imagine going about your day with nothing to sustain you.
Skip your meals for one day to feel what 300 million children feel: the inability to focus while learning, and hunger impacting our moods and strength to get through the day.

Imagine only having limited options for food available to you.
Eat only a small quantity of one food for 24 hours. Whether that’s a cup of beans or an apple, switch out your meals with just one item, because for many, access to a nutritionally diverse diet is not possible.

Imagine being forced out of your home, and only having access to food you carry with you.
For one day (or more), carry all of your food in a small bag in addition to anything else you’d need to survive. For millions who are fleeing conflict, this is a reality, only when the day is over they don’t know where they will stay or what they will eat once the bag is empty.

Sound uncomfortable? It likely will be, but you’ll learn what it’s like for so many others around the world.

Register now and participate in one of these activities. As you experience hunger, invite your friends to help Mercy Corps break the cycle of hunger, eliminate poverty and build strong communities so that every person has enough nutritious food to live a healthy and productive life.

This is key to our work around the world, and we need your help!

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