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Join us on November 24, 2021

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Help us reach more people, in more ways, in the year ahead.

It’s that time of year again! We’re quickly counting down the final few weeks in 2021 — a year filled with alarming headlines about the pandemic, climate crisis, conflict, and more.

Yet, even after such a challenging year, there is still a reason for hope. We've seen how families, neighbors, communities, and people like you have come together to help one another in so many different ways, especially during moments of crisis. Thankfully, Mercy Corps can be there, ready to respond, during these emergency moments, like the recent earthquake in Haiti — in large part due to our dedicated team members, 84% of whom are from the countries where they live and work.

Now, as we prepare for the year ahead, we’re calling on our global community of humanitarians to fundraise for Mercy Corps this holiday season to help ensure every single person has what they need to not only survive but thrive next year. 

You can help by starting a fundraiser for Mercy Corps to help families protect themselves from COVID-19, connect communities with nutritious food and clean water, and create new opportunities for people around the world to build better, brighter futures for themselves.

With them in mind, let's band together, rally our friends and families, and fundraise to help make the year ahead better than the last.  

Please register to fundraise for Mercy Corps today!