Mark Jacobs

Team Brand Appeal #GivingTuesday

Who is Mercy Corps?

Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians who partner with communities, corporations and governments to transform lives around the world.

Our 5,000+ team members work with people in the world’s most vulnerable communities across 40+ countries. 87% of our team is from the countries where they work.

Thanks to our donors, we have provided $4 billion in lifesaving assistance to more than 220 million people over the last 39 years. We believe we must go beyond emergency aid to create more resilient communities, and we believe communities are the best agents of their own change.

Through close collaboration with community members and a wide variety of organizations, we put bold solutions into action and help people triumph over adversity. For the refugee who dreams of rebuilding her home, for the mother who wants a healthy future for her children — for millions of people filled with the power of possibility — we connect people to the resources they need to build better, stronger lives.

How can you help? 

Please make a gift of any size to help us advance Mercy Corps' mission. Your gift can do so much, including:

  • Provide food, emergency cash and shelter to refugees who have fled devastating conflict
  • Connect parents and children to lifesaving nutrition, clean water and even medical care
  • Educate farmers to grow more food to feed their families and communities
  • Empower women and girls to find a path toward better futures

Our generosity to someone we may never meet is what this season of giving is all about. Your support makes a real difference.

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