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Woodward Montessori Hop-A-Thon

March 10, 2022

Give Now

So much injustice in the Ukraine.  What can we do to help?  We can hop our way to helping !  We'll have a Hop-A -Thon here at school on Thursday March 10th and Friday March 11th to raise funds.  All funds raised will go to refugee families in Ukraine and around the world.

 Please show your support by pledging a flat amount or a certain fee per hop.  (Ex.  $.25 per hop)  All proceeds will go to Mercy Corps.

3/4 UPDATE: Today in class we talked about how the country of Russia was acting like a bully to the country of the Ukraine.  We all decided we did not like bullies and we wanted to help.  I told the students we could help by hopping to raise money to send to the Ukrainian families.  The kids loved this idea and thought it would be fun to call themselves "The helpful hoppers." (which I wholeheartedly LOVE!!)

Please Note: The views and opinions expressed here do not represent those of Mercy Corps.