Help support our emergency response in Ukraine and around the world

A devastating catastrophe is unfolding in Ukraine and in the region, costing and threatening lives and livelihoods, driving families apart, and causing mass displacement.

Mercy Corps is on the ground in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland to assess and address the most urgent humanitarian needs.

We expect the greatest needs to be in Eastern Ukraine, as intense conflict decimates food supplies, infrastructure and access to water, electricity, healthcare, and all essential services. From delivering medical supplies and food staples into Eastern Ukraine to those who have remained in the country, to preparing to distribute emergency cash aid to those who have fled Ukraine, our teams are responding and working with local organizations that know their community needs best. (For more information on the situation in Ukraine and our response, please see Mercy Corps' Quick Facts page.)

More than 3.6 million people have already fled Ukraine in recent days, and the United Nations estimates 10 million Ukrainians - a quarter of the population - could be displaced, both inside and outside of the country. 2.9 million Ukrainians were already in need of urgent humanitarian assistance prior to the recent escalation of conflict, and at least 1.5 million Ukrainians were already displaced within their country before fighting began. 

Damage and destruction have reportedly left about 400,000 people without electricity in parts of Eastern Ukraine. More than 40,000 people do not have access to water due to reported damage to water supply infrastructure.

Following the 2014 conflict in Ukraine, Mercy Corps reached over 200,000 people with emergency cash, food, water, and sanitation supplies, helping to restore damaged homes, and providing support to small-business owners.

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