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Gaza Sky Geeks, a program of Mercy Corps

About Us

Gaza Sky Geeks, established in 2011 by Mercy Corps with support from Google, is Palestine’s leading tech hub that trains, nurtures and supports emerging tech talent with the goal of creating a sustainable and inclusive digital job market in Palestine.

Mission: Enable the resilient young women and men of Palestine to reach their potential and earn globally competitive incomes by doing high-value digital work.

Vision: Build a sustainable, self-supporting tech ecosystem that is internationally recognized and respected by tech employers and investors from around the world.

The Challenge

Palestinians face ongoing violence and restrictions on movement and everyday life.  2.1 million Palestinians rely on humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs, and 64% of people in Gaza and 36% in the West Bank are living in poverty. The economic situation in Gaza remains especially dire, where the unemployment rate is nearly 70%, one of the highest in the world, leaving young people with few opportunities to earn a living and support a family.  The harsh set of socioeconomic and political realities disproportionately affect women.  

The Solution

The Palestinian population is young and among the most hightly education in the Middle East; they are resilient and believe a better world is possible. Gaza Sky Geeks offers a range of technical education and professional development opportunities, cultivating well-rounded individuals and teams who are competetive in the global market. By linking talent to international and local employment opportunities that exceed the mininum wayge, we are building the Palsetinian economy.

Your Support Matters

Donations and program sponsorship help us to achieve our impact goals.  Your gift enables each student to go through Gaza Sky Geeks educational programs and supports their ability to secure dignified employment after graduation. As a program of Mercy Corps, a 501c3 registered in the US, your donation to Gaza Sky Geeks is tax deductible.

Reach out to us if you're also interested in growing your team with specialized tech talent - whether through an internship or direct hiring.  You can even volunteer as a mentor or work with us to design a skills-based employee volunteering program.

Our Impact

With 10 years of experience training globally recognized tech talent, Gaza Sky Geeks has served over 23,000 Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, 45% women, thorugh training programs, workshops and events. 

 “When having an experience as enriching as Gaza Sky Geeks, anyone would realize their next step forward. Imagining the future becomes possible, especially in an ever-changing ecosystem. Also, being part of this community is nationally appreciated and gives me the reputation and privileges I aim for  in terms of technical expertise.” 

- Mai Ubeid, Gaza Sky Geeks Alumni, watch Mai's story here