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Charlie and Jack Run for Ukraine

April 24, 2022

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On February 24th, 2022, Russian forces launched a large-scale military attack on Ukraine, setting in motion a horrific and chaotic chain of events. On April 24th, 2022, Jack and Charlie Greenwald will be running the Big Sur Marathon and are hoping to raise money to support Mercy Corps, an organization on the ground in Ukraine, Romania and Poland, assessing the most urgent humanitarian needs in Ukraine and the region. Who knows how the invasion will continue to unfold in the days and weeks ahead, but we are honored to do even the tiniest bit to help, and we appreciate your support. 100% of what we raise here will go directly to Mercy Corps.

Side note: as you can see by the photo evidence above, Jack and Charlie have been training for quite a while for this race. Charlie's pace is far worse than Jack's, and statistically speaking, it is possible that he gets too tired and falls into the ocean. But please don't factor this in when considering a donation.

For more on how Mercy Corps is helping people in Ukraine, and all over the world, please visit their website here.

Please Note: The views and opinions expressed here do not represent those of Mercy Corps.