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Brick House: Ukraine Relief Effort

April 12, 2022

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None of us here at Brick House has ever visited Ukraine. We know little more about that land and its people than what we are reading in the news.

But we are haunted by the images and stories of the suffering there now. It's a shared human response, a common thread that binds us together across the miles, the borders, the politics and the histories of far-off lands. Given the news in Eastern Europe today, we've created a pebble in a pond campaign.

For each bottle of House Red Pinot Noir No. 2 sold in the next month, Brick House will donate $3.00 to Mercy Corps' Ukraine Relief Effort. Mercy Corps, one of the best humanitarian relief agencies we know, can help dress the wounds and give comfort to the suffering. 

There is a surprising power in the ripples on a pond. Try as they might, no one can put their hand into the water and stop them. 

Please Note: The views and opinions expressed here do not represent those of Mercy Corps.

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