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Give to Ukraine relief on Sarah's Birthday

June 11, 2022

Give Now

Hello dear family and friends,

This June I turn 70. Wow!

I want to celebrate with you all at my party on June 11th! At the same time, I am so aware of  as Mercy Corps says: the "devastating catastrophe unfolding in Ukraine, costing and threatening lives and livelihoods, driving families apart and causing mass displacement".  I know you all are aware. So, as a gift at my birthday, I ask that you contribute what you can to Ukrainian relief through Mercy Corps. I have been a donor to Mercy Crops for over 10 years. They know how to get needed supplies to the right place and people. 

"Mercy Corps is on the ground in Ukraine, Romania, and Poland, providing funding to local organizations that know their community needs best and working to meet urgent humanitarian needs. We also plan to provide emergency cash assistance and connect people on the move with information, such as where to access basic services, information on safe routes, and their legal rights."

Take care, with hugs and blessings,  Sarah