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In the past month, over 220 Gazans were killed, thousands of homes destroyed, over 70,000 people displaced, and countless businesses ruined. Gaza Sky Geeks' offices were damaged and many of our community members who need to work online to support their families are facing electricity shortages and internet outages. Many other tech companies, digital skills training centers, and startup hubs in Gaza have been damaged.

GSG is on a mission to rebuild and support the recovery of Gaza's tech ecosystem. We are raising funds for two main purposes: Repair and refurbish GSG offices in Gaza City: 

Our offices sustained damage from blast waves and falling debris when major highrises next to us were leveled in airstrikes:

  • $40 can help us pay for one square meter of new office space for an entire year
  • $60 can help us replace one blown out window on the front of our building 
  • $80 can help us pay for a full day of increased generator, fuel, and maintenance to power
  • $300 could pay for the replacement of major lighting fixtures or holes in the ceiling

Help us get the Gaza tech community back on their feet: 

Dozens of other offices have been destroyed and people have no place to work. We are eager to support other companies with subsidized workspace in our existing office space that has minimal damage.

  • $80 can cover 1 full month of desk space for a displaced tech worker 
  • $400 can cover 1 full month of office space for a team of 5 displaced tech workers 
  • $2,500 covers a full month of generator and fuel costs to keep our lights on and doors open to our community