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Ava's Birthday Wish

April 7, 2020

Give Now

Hi Everyone! Today is my birthday and I'm turning 7 years old! I decided I didn't want gifts this year. Instead, I'm asking my family and friends to donate some money to people around the world who need it. I need YOUR help to do this with me. I chose you all because I trust you (her words :). We want to donate to Mercy Corps because people in need don’t have enough money to get food and water, or an education. So, today, we’re going to help them. Thank you for your help! Love, Ava.

Mama here - Mercy Corps specializes in emergency relief and providing resources many need to build better lives. Ava has been saving loose change for almost 3 years (see pic). We counted it this morning and she has $62.50 which she has donated to Mercy Corps.

Here are some examples of how every dollar we contribute helps people survive and transform their communities:

  • $12 can provide bread to a Syrian family of 6 for one month
  • $45 can train farmers to grow better, stronger crops
  • $75 can help provide two refugees with an emergency food kit containing bread, spices, oil, meat and vegetables
  • $110 can send a girl in Ethiopia to school for a year and change her life
  • $720 can provide a "school in a box" to help emergency affected students in South Sudan, ensuring that they have an effective learning environment

Please give whatever you’re comfortable with. We just want Ava to see what social impact and strength in community can accomplish.